5 Powerful Online Tools for Your Business – Part I

You’ve probably wondered what factors determine the popularity of a specific content. Why in some cases an article goes viral in minutes, while in others you do not get any attention.

There are some tricks that help you create viral content. Read ahead and try out the recipe for a good blog post.

1. Create a juicy story

Think of a topic that will appeal to a target group you want to reach. Nowadays people can get easily distracted and it is not easy to take care of them for a long time. However, if a story meets their expectations and provides them with something valuable, they will not stop reading.

2. Add a pinch to the trending topic

It is always good to relate to a topic that is currently trending in the media. People worrying about the latest news easily come into the headlines. It states that so many marketing campaigns or industry articles are based on popular events such as the recent Oscars, House of Cards premieres or Superbowl.

3. Break your story into small sections

Nobody likes to read run-on text. As I have previously mentioned, people get easily distracted in the Internet and do not have large-scale paragraphs, which discourages further reading. Thus, divide your story into smaller sections and provide attractive headers to each. You can also emphasize important information and data with bold font.

4. This season with good graphics

Social media users pay attention to visual effects and indeed graphics are an important factor in attracting viewers. What’s more, pictures can convey a lot more than words and help you understand your message more accurately. This is why infographics have gained popularity recently. With the plethora of free and simple to use tools available in the internet, it is not a problem to enrich your posts with visual effects.

5. Cover a story with a sexy title

The headline is an essential factor that determines whether a user opens a link to an article. I think you don’t want to reduce your chances of reaching an audience that will likely be interested in your work, because a title isn’t appealing at all. Indeed, the Internet often receives thousands of views for bad content, as one author deserves it with the click-by title.

So don’t ignore the power of headlines and use both your creativity and tools that help you come up with the title Tantalizing.

In the abundance of different tools for your business, it can be difficult to find the best solutions that will meet your expectations. It may take you longer to test everything you find on the market. This is why we compiled a list of tools that will help you grow your business in an online environment. They are all approved and recommended by Brand24. Check them all out!


The tool enables you to set a KPI for a brand and then measure your effectiveness in the areas of engagement, audience, content, customer service and admin activities. You can track your brand and other players in an industry. It is built into a user-friendly dashboard with the option to create professional reports.

Prices range from $ 15 to $ 450 per month, depending on the scale of your social media platform and depending on the complexity of the analytics you’re interested in, Sotrender also offers a 14-day trial period in which you can use the tool Can investigate.


Position is an easy to use tool that helps you to get more organic traffic with SEO tracking. The tool will help your business improve rankings and get more traffic to your website from search engines. Currently you can get a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry. This tool provides complete analytics of your web page optimization, allowing you to adjust the maximum potential of your website.

The price is up to $ 16 and depends on the number of keywords, websites and your competitors. If you are not sure whether this solution meets your expectations, try the 14-day trial mode which is free of charge.


With the intercom app you can easily and automatically connect with your customers via messages or e-mail. All your communication channels are integrated into a feature-rich dashboard. The tool enables you to set up automated messages that your customers receive when they use your product or not. With advanced filters you can segment your customers and engage each group in a different way.

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