7 ways to improve customer satisfaction with website feedback

Website feedback is valuable for collecting qualitative data and improving your customer satisfaction. If you are not sure yet, see this article for in-depth information.

However, you can ask some questions at this time, such as “How do I start?” What are the benefits for me? “Well, I can say that you should act on your intuition, but some people need certain guidance, because intuition will take them somewhere.” You may lack motivation and simple ideas to move forward and apply the knowledge gathered from feedback to your strategies on increasing customer satisfaction.

The other problem is that it is quite a difficult task to manage the data coming from the voice of the customer, and if the data is managed somehow, it often goes down the drain. These types of problems are many, but do not be afraid. In this article, I will show you some useful tips, so that you know how to properly conduct your website response, thereby improving your customer satisfaction. Please, take a seat, have your favorite drink, and enjoy the knowledge!


First and foremost, simply deciding whether you want to operate a VoC will give you nothing. This will advance the process where you just collect data and do not act on it.

SplitShire-0447 You have to focus on yourself and ask yourself “what do I want to achieve? Whether you want to find leading trends on the market or you want to improve the customer experience, just choose one principle.

Once you focus your attention, you will be able to easily apply the data you have collected.

Narrow it

Your first thought might be to send a survey and response request to everyone, but think about it; Does it seem reasonable for you to expect qualitative results drawing_circle_hires target, when you send your survey to people who have no interest in the subject?

For example, if you ask everyone that if your shopping cart is working, they are browsing your page, while most of them have not even avoided using it, then you have to give them Why bother with issues they have nothing to do with? Narrow down your groups that will be questioned or surveyed.

Be quick to take action

The worst thing you can do is get the data and throw it into oblivion. This type of behavior will not work to improve your customer satisfaction with website feedback; It will be the opposite.

speedometer_hires If your customers and users are indicating problems to you – address them immediately. Otherwise they will not feel important. They will not feel that you care about their opinion and it will be a flashpoint to lose the loyalty of your customers, which is even more important than their satisfaction (check this article for more information on customer loyalty). You don’t want your customers to be dissatisfied – so don’t let that happen.

An additional tip is to try to automate the gathering process by tricking your people right after your transaction (but don’t attack them with a huge pop-up, for example try an e-mail ). This demonstrates your engagement and can actually inspire people to give their feedback immediately, as the matter is still fresh.

Do not be happy with satisfaction – pursue perfection

According to Christian Vanek, it is better to think that all customers are potentially dissatisfied, even if they are currently happy with our product, once we have improved it, but they will be dissatisfied with the earlier version. If you ran out of ideas on how to improve your website, you might start feeling scared about the future of the company.

Look for passion, not sheer satisfaction. You want all aesthetic enthusiasts and happy customers to share their thoughts with you. Satisfaction alone is not enough.

Employers only handle money. It is the customer who via @ brand24 ‘H. Ford ‘Pays Wage “This is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle money. It is a wage-paying customer. “- Henry Ford

You have to understand that your customer is your salary.

With customers, you have no money to pay. If you are not being paid, then your business is worthless and it leaves you with an empty wallet.

Thank you is required to thank all of your customers for their business, and really means it. Be grateful for their support, because without them, you would not get your salary.

Send an email (even an automated one), in which you will tell them how grateful you are for their attention and the time spent in purchasing your product and using your services. Your boss will be satisfied.

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