CMO Insights with Ian Clear from Razorsocial

In a previous review of the best online tools suggested by Brand24, we included Sotrender, Positionally, Intercom, UXpin, and Sidekick. Today we are going to present you another part of the best technologies that will boost your business. check them out!


Survive is a tool that helps you gather information about your customers, their needs and experiences with targeted website surveys. Such knowledge is essential in marketing campaigns and optimization of developing products and services that match customer needs.

The price ranges from $ 49 to $ 499 + and depends on the size of your web page and other features you want to use. You can try Survive in a 30-day trial, which is free of charge.

live chat

livechatincLiveChat enables you to implement a live chat on platforms in which you can easily communicate with your customers and prospects in real time. The tool improves the quality of your customer service and makes it much easier and faster. With LiveChat you can reach your customers instantly when they ask you something and solve their problems on the spot. The device provides loads of useful features.

Prices range from $ 16 to $ 149, but you can try it for 30 days in a team plan (middle membership plan) for free.


Sniply is a very simple and intuitive tool that helps you bring traffic back to the website from the content shared in social media. You simply give a message to a page that you want to promote and then you can share it on your platforms. What’s more, Sniply includes a signup form that connects to your mailing list. This tool also provides detailed statistics on conversion from the content you share.

The original version of Sniply is free with a limit of 1 thousand clicks. Prices then range from $ 25 to $ 125 (for annual plans).

Inbound is not, in fact, a tool, but a platform for marketers to share and discuss the latest ideas and best practices in the community. It adds more than 50 thousand professionals, but the number is growing rapidly. The founders plan to expand the community to 100,000 marketing by September 2015. You can make the platform twofold: it is a great place to promote marketing knowledge and your content among other marketers. Naturally it’s free – you just need to sign up.


getfokus gatefocus enables you to collect all online data which is important for your business in one place. This means that data related to your website, social media platform, and Internet monitoring are shown in a user-friendly dashboard. With the tool you can collect and analyze live data about your customers and prospects.

The price is adjusted individually for your needs, but you can still try it for free in the 14-day trial mode.

Online tools make running a business in the Internet very easy. We have recently proposed some effective online tools, but today we asked an expert in this field about their preferred solutions.

Our guest at CMO Insights, Ian Klee is the founder and CEO of Razorsocial, a comprehensive source of information about tools and technologies that helps you achieve better results and be more productive with social media. Ian has strong expertise and rich professional experience in the online building effect, developing social media presence, social media optimization and more.

You have evaluated hundreds of different tools, but I can assume that you do not use all of them on your blog. Which tools do you find most effective and useful for your website? Which are your favorites?

As we are in the equipment business, we are constantly changing the equipment that we use. Here are 3 tools recently used on our blog:

Optinmonster – This is a lead generation plugin (collects email) and we use it for the provided popups. It works on exit intent so that a browser will only see the popup when they try to leave the website.

hotjarHotjar – It is currently a tool in beta that provides a wide range of functionality to analyze visitor behavior. For example, you can run heatmaps, visitor recordings, surveys, and ask questions for your visitors. All of this is useful for understanding more about visitor behavior.

Flare – This is a social sharing plugin that provides really great and useful statistics on what is being shared on your content and who is the influential person sharing it.
It is not about having keywords in your meta title, description and content. Now you have engaging content that is grammatically correct.

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