Marketers Guide to Using Snapchat for Business

Some believe that Snapchat is just another way of sharing photos or uninterrupted issues of cats and is only used by teenagers. is it true? Well, more and more brands and celebrities don’t necessarily run their profiles on Snapchat. What can they show to supervisors? Read some of the options we collected.

Snapchat_Logo Last year in Poland,

H&M decided to use Snapchat in one of its campaigns – they created a location-based game and the prize they gave was a festive ticket. Some believed that this was not a good idea because no one considered Snapchat as an application that could be used commercially, although the competition made the app a bit more popular, Especially among social media related societies – let’s be honest, some of them had no such thing present, so they were familiar with Snapchat and its possibilities.

How marketers can use Snapchat for business
If you are interested in gaining some new followers or new ways of communication, there are some options you can do to get people to see you.

Interesting news

Snapchat If you are a pro Snapchat, you can teach others how to use the app properly. Show your friends how to use frames or filters. How to shorten your speech for only 10 seconds? do you know how to do it? Share your knowledge! You can also post some interesting facts about the world – do you know anything unusual o Unpopular? Tell others about it, see @generalelectrics profile, get inspired!

Q&A session

If you are a blogger or if you represent a company, you can arrange a session with questions from customers or fans. You will respond to everything they want to know and engage them to talk to you. They will understand that your brand is user-friendly and there is nothing that you try to hide from them. Fashion bloggers are professionals in such activities.


Are you going to a cold place? are you on holidays? Are you invited to see a show or are you going to attend a popular event? Share the relationship with your friends and supervisors! Show people what you like and what you like. Inspiration? Yes, Chiara Fergani and Jared Leto.

Backstage snaps

Discover Snapchat: If your brand organizes an event, show what this organizer looks like! People are interested in executing such a big event. Show some casual moments, let people see that not all of us should always be serious. Look at the celebrities after their show – Rihanna is doing it well! His friend / manager keeps posting something from parties or meetings. Are you brave enough to share something like this?

As you can see, ten seconds is just enough to make people interested in seeing you. Some people say that Snapchat reminds them of conversations in real life – snaps can usually only be viewed as situations from your life once.


Essential Rule: What Works in Social Media Marketing?

There are marketing ‘rules’ that work for all social media, and by extension, even for other channels, which you can use such as forums, chats and mailing lists.

Some other rules are platform-specific and may not apply to all the media you are using for your marketing efforts (or it would be difficult).

The 24 ‘rules’ in this guide attempt to gather strategies and mindsets that work across all major social networks, but not every rule will fit perfectly, so you’ll get a line after each rule that states To which network the rule applies.

rule 1. Have a plan (duh!)

This is the basics of any social media strategy: know your niche, know your audience, know what goal you are going to use the social network to reach – then register an account.

This is the starting point for your social media marketing plan, that you can only keep in mind what you want to do and who you want to talk to.

Study your target audience
Who are they? What do they need that is not already available elsewhere? How can you improve your life, job or hobby and make things easier for them? Understand your audience.

So, in short, before creating social accounts you need to be clear:

Your niche
Your target audience
Your radius
Your goals (including expected ROI)
And this holds true for all social networks, from the more professional LinkedIn to the fresh and ephemeral Snapchat.

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