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This is the stuff we read, we like and we want to share with you. You will get loads of valuable information, tips and news on social media.


razorsocial Razorsocial, founded by Ian Klee, is a platform that helps you become more productive and effective on social media using the best tools and technology. Content is high in ready-to-use solutions that will improve conversions, help with analytics understanding, and more.


Mashable is a rich source for news and information from the digital world that will always keep you up to date with the most important events, announcements and facts from the digital environment.


Social Mouth SocialMouths lets you know how to succeed online. Blog writer Francisco Rosales gives tips on blogging, social media, content and email marketing, convergence, web traffic. All articles are 100% original.

Social media examiner

The Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest online social media magazine, providing a wide knowledge for your business about social media usage, blogs and podcasts. If you want to learn how to drive traffic to your website, this should be your daily press review.

Post planner

The Post Planner is a source for educational content about social media and content marketing.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute provides a comprehensive knowledge of both those who started their adventure with content marketing and who are looking for advanced techniques and tips. In addition to interesting and informative articles, you can find extensive sets of e-books and study results.

TopRank Blog

It covers many topics including social media and content marketing, SEO, business blogging and marketing, strategy creation and online public relations.

Social media today

Social Media Today is a platform for all professionals who understand social media as an important element in a business. The authors provide news and comprehensive information about tools, platforms, companies and personalities of great importance in social media.

Danny brown

Danny Brown blogs about marketing and social media have well-written stories with useful knowledge for marketers and managers. Danny makes it more understandable and actionable by sharing his personal views on marketing.


The author gives practical knowledge on how to proceed in social media.

Have you ever wondered what can go on from the combination of the largest search engine in the Internet and one of the most powerful social media platforms? Now you have a chance to find out. As Twitter Inc. has signed a deal with Google Inc., public tweets will now be searchable through the Google search engine. What does this mean for both companies? What can social media users expect? And in the end how does this affect marketers? Read on to find out!

According to a Bloomberg report, in the first half of 2015, all 140-character Twitter public updates will appear in Google’s search results as soon as they are posted.

Benefits for twitter

First, Twitter will increase its market position against the biggest rival – Facebook. When this deal goes into effect, users will get Google search results more often in the form of tweets. This will bring more traffic to the platform in terms of existing users, but will also encourage non-users to sign up for the service. As a result, Twitter will gain ground in communities that have not been popular before and will help the company diversify its advertising products and find more ways to monetize syndicated content.

Benefits for google

Google+ was created to compete with platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. However, it did not catch on and it was not as successful as the founders had hoped. One of its main tasks was to efficiently learn the behavior of online users on its activity on social media platforms and then adjust search results more accurately on profiles. However users were not active on Google+ and their presence on the platform did not significantly affect search results.

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