3 killer marketing tips for small business with limited budget

The way of communication has changed in the last two decades and therefore there are opportunities to establish and grow businesses. Marketers no longer depend on the budget they have at their disposal. Even a small company can beat a giant on the global market if they can offer a notable product or service.

what is the secret? They do not cater to customers who are unaffiliated with their offer. Instead they try to reach these prospects who are potentially interested in their products. Their value proposition is to satisfy the real needs of customers, solve their problems and make life easier. Simply put, they no longer try to hinder customers with cold calls or impersonal sales pitches. They are at the right place to listen to their audience, at the right time.

On top of that, these companies use offbeat methods of communication to reach their potential customers. And very often these methods are cost effective, allowing small budget companies to grow rapidly from scratch.

Curious what are these magical tactics?

Today, I have another success story to share with you. Printu, the creator of a mobile app, has developed three strategies to reach and entice its audience. Continue reading to find out their secret.


Printoo – Small Business that rose from scratch to number 1 in the category
Images Printoo is a start-up company offering users a mobile app that allows them to print and receive favorite photos directly to their homes. It has been operating in the Mexican market since December 2014 and already has a lot of customers.

The RecaGFY0 company offers customers a special value in the form of printed experiences and memories that can be shared with relatives and friends without additional technology. Despite appearances, the photo printing industry is steadily growing, as people still appreciate the value of printed photographs, especially when it comes to sharing their most memorable and cherished moments.

The app lets users easily take their photos from social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram) or phone gallery, edit them and order them at a specific address.
Users can order up to 10 photos monthly with no payment, but then they can also purchase additional photo packages. An advertisement is printed on the back of each photo, thus customers are not charged for delivery.


Printoo ships are photographed across the country and they have already delivered 260,000 pixels since the company’s launch. His positive attitude and ability to engage users helped the company partner with international brands. Huggies, Uber and Steve Medan, as well as the largest Mexican brands such as enviaflores.com are just a few who have trusted Ishwaru.

Marketing Tips for Small Business with Limited Budget

As I said before you do not need to be a huge corporation to effectively market your product or service. Digital media provides you with a variety of tools and ways to reach your prospects. What’s more, you don’t have to arrive at these strategies on your own. There are a lot of companies that were successful and now share their expertise.

Printu revealed 3 of his digital marketing strategies that helped him achieve his business goals. What is more important, they did not spend a lot of money in the implementation of this scheme.

1. Use Facebook and Twitter mentions to share the profile of partners by customers

Printu’s business model is based on advertising. Thus, the company employs various ways to promote its partners. They have implemented an algorithm that mentions a particular partner’s Facebook or Twitter for each post or tweets user shares. And they share a lot of photos and experiences on their social media profiles.

Printoo collects these mentions with social listening tools and is perfect for presenting collected data to partners. On top of that, it takes very little time and effort to do it.

2. Gather feedback and reviews from customers

Printoo also focuses on ASO (App Store Optimization). This process helps app publishers rank higher in the search results of the App Store. The high rank effect increased visibility for potential customers and resulted in more traffic and more downloads.

ASO is important for app publishers as 63% of apps are searched through general search. The main factors influencing ASO are titles and keywords. The algorithm then uses total downloads and finally ratings and reviews. The last factor is important, but difficult to control. However there are ways to encourage users to share their feedback.


Printu identifies users who discuss the app using social listening tools and then asks them for a review. Thanks to this they can get the most positive opinion.

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