4 simple things you can do to improve your LinkedIn marketing today

More and more organizations and business leaders have adopted social media as a key component of their business strategy. Its member base has grown from 4,500 in its first month in 2003 to more than 364 million in 2015, a secon d at the current rate of two new members.

Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Today

1) Know what you need out of LinkedIn.

After signing up, most people on LinkedIn only connect with those in their personal and business networks. Others consider LinkedIn exclusively as their online resume, unless they are in between jobs.

Join groups to add sales leads to your product or service. Looking for a mentor? Tracking Source for a Business Story? Starting a fundraising drive for your non-profit or demanding capital for your start-up? Use LinkedIn’s advanced search tools to identify potential patrons, sources, donors, and investors.

All four packages have features that help professionals create LinkedIn. Examples of these are their direct messaging service InMail, more specialized search filters, unlimited access to profiles and credit for detailed information on their profile activity.

2) Show, don’t tell

We have been taught since childhood not to talk to strangers. We take this into adulthood and even into professional relationships, because no one wants to deal with someone they cannot see or know.

Person-Apple Laptops-Notebooks More than any other social network, LinkedIn is all about building trust and credibility. The best way to do this is to keep your personal and company profile complete and updated.

Show people what you are, as well as why and how you do it. For individuals, use the professional title field on your profile to your advantage. Just don’t fill it with your job title and current company. Instead, put the 120-character limit to good use with words that highlight your skills and your role in the industry.

To describe, I belong to the marketing team of Board Portal Solutions, used by executives and directors in more than 20 countries. I could label myself a “Junior Marketing Associate for Azis Convenor”, but my professional headline reads “B2B Digital Strategist Reporting at the Crossroads of Productivity, Business, Technology and Corporate Governance.”

LinkedIn Profile

This simple phrase more effectively presents my focus as a business-to-business context in a business-to-digital marketing – and related areas that I have written during my work.

We follow the same rule of thumb for the profile of the coordinator. Instead of copy-pasting our product descriptions from the company’s website, we used Bullet Point to show profile visitors what the coordinator does, why we developed it and how it benefits our users.

Don’t forget to use professional headshots for both personal and company pages. After all, LinkedIn profiles with photos are eleven times more likely to get views than those.

  3) Just do not connect. Include

More than being a virtual record of your professional achievements, think of your LinkedIn profile as your ticket to a 24/7 networking event with professionals from every field. But when an industry influence is invited as a LinkedIn contact, how do you stand out from the crowd?

For one, the default template (ie, “I would like to add you to LinkedIn from my professional network. – >”). Using this will only make a picture of your invitation as run-of-the-mill. Nicely painted, and unnatural, insolent or badly lazy. Personalize your message by mining the profile of your prospect for common ground – it’s mutual contact, affiliation, job experience, skills, reasons Or interest.

What has he written recently on LinkedIn or elsewhere? Drop a line about how you enjoy their posts or how you apply their suggestions to your own career experiences. Add 10-20 new contacts a day, following each accepted invitation with a quick thank you message.

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