5 Powerful Online Tools to Grow Your Business – Part V

After the fourth part of the tool directory of Brand24, it’s high time we published another dose of powerful online tools to grow your business. Read on and try them out!


Hotjar is an analytics tool that helps you track and study the behavior of customers on your website. You can employ heatmaps, which visually represent click, tap, and scrolling behavior, or visitor recordings that accomplish the same function. The tool also provides a feedback feature, which helps you understand visitors to your website and then improve the page’s performance and experience.

The original version is free with some limitations and you can register here.


PR is dedicated to experts and it makes communication with media easier. It gives you many functionalities for the effectiveness of media contact management and tracking of your stories. With Pravili, you can easily create cool visuals, produce and analyze the performance of press releases’, and more. It provides comprehensive analysis, so your PR activities can be even more effective.

Prices range from € 39 to € 239 depending on the number of magazines, social media channels, size of users, subscribers and data storage. Free mode is also available with some limitations and you can also request a demo with more features.


BuzzSumo is an essential tool for all authors who publish their stories on the Internet. The app helps you analyze the content for any topic or competitor regarding online performance. With BuzzSumo, you can find the most shared content on all social networks and find influencers that are important to your business. The tool also enables you to track the performance of your competitor’s content.

The original version is free and has some limitations. If you want to take full advantage of the tool, you can choose a pro plan. In addition, you can arrange a plan that suits your needs.


Ahrefs is a powerful research tool that analyzes links to your website from external sites. This helps you understand where and why you are getting or missing links and find out how many domains and pages are linking to your site. Ahrefs also provides backlink reports that you can run at the source for good links on your and your competitors’ sites. The tool also provides complete SEO reports.

Prices range from $ 79 to $ 1,299 per month depending on the specifications and limitations of your account.

Inner writer

InboundWriter is another essential tool for bloggers and other writers. It analyzes the potential of your content before writing. Thanks to InboundWriter, you can find out whether your story will reach the target audience or bring traffic to your site before creating an article. This will help you save your precious time and also give clues about content ideas.

Whether it is an online store or a shop, the amount of traffic people determine determines the amount of revenue generated through sales. To ensure the flourishing and bright future of the enterprise, it is necessary to follow certain steps which will ensure that the movement of people increases with time.

Promote marketing strategies

You should make your shop in the market worthy of attention. You should also make sure that customers know about your brand and where to get the products from. Make your physical presence more clear than others in a good location, so that more people get attention and customer movement increases. Choose local marketing strategies to build brand awareness. Advertising in local newspapers or direct mail can be constructive in this case. In the beginning all you have to do is raise awareness about your brand and create an image in the minds of the local people.

Give customers what they want

Ensure more customer movement by placing the most in-demand products in your shop. When customers will understand that your shop is the place where the desired products will definitely be available, then the movement of people in your shop will automatically increase. You also need to know whether the customer is happy with your products and services.

Customer loyalty program

Plan for loyal customers and keep them with you for a long time. Frequent customer visits are the foundation or foundation of a successful venture. Encouraging customer loyalty will ensure that the number of repeat customers will increase manifold over time. Rebate customers to your shop and give discounts and offers to get the special benefit of loyalty.

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