6 ways to increase viewership on your event

Whether you are an event organizer or an active participant, you have probably noticed that this market is becoming more and more competitive regardless of the industry. However, demand is also growing rapidly, often companies should try to attract a wider audience for their events. People willingly attend different conferences and meetings, as it is the perfect way to increase their knowledge in a particular subject and gain valuable contact with networking.

However, if they do not receive any of these benefits, chances are they will be present again. There is an easy solution for that. You can increase the attractiveness, popularity and reach of your event with internet monitoring.

Double reality

Easy and universal access to the Internet changed the way we live. It is a standard that people actively participate in in real-life confrontation in digital life. They share their photos, thoughts, interests and places on their social media profiles – almost everything that concerns them and their environment.

Therefore, most participants in an event share this information on their social media profiles. With social media monitoring and some canny tricks you can easily increase your reach, so more people can make it more desirable by finding out about your event.

Hashtag power

There is no doubt that hashtags are a simple way to increase engagement and reach. For example, tweets made with a hashtag get twice as much engagement than one without. However, you should keep them to a minimum, because adding 3 or more can actually reduce your reach.

On Instagram, however, you can feel free to add too many hashtags, as posts with 11+ receive the most engagement. But remember that only relevant and matched keywords can help you increase visibility for users who are genuinely interested in your content.


You can take advantage of the power of hashtags when organizing a conference or any other event, but you need to remember about a few things when developing your event hashtag.

First, it must be unique and unclear. Your audience should relate this keyword to only one thing – your event. Otherwise, Internet users can confuse your event with other things and, on top, it will be difficult for you to analyze the social media discussion about an event.

Secondly, make your hashtag memorable and catchy. Attendees should not have problems spelling it correctly when writing about an event or posting a photo.

Third, encourage people to share their hashtag on social media profiles.

Make sure everyone is familiar with a keyword and then give people an incentive. This can be a gift for the most active or most creative social media user. You can also develop a contest in which people will challenge for a reward by posting content with their hashtag.

Fourth, think about the social stream that will make all mentions related to your event based on Internet monitoring. You cannot even imagine how much it encourages people to post on social media. Sometimes they will share the status or photo only to see it on screen.

Fifth, be responsive and active in social media. Interact with people who refer to your event. You can easily collect content from the Internet with social media monitoring tools and real-time feedback.

Online event helpline

Social media monitoring can serve you as a communication channel for customer service in the everyday operations of a business, but it can accomplish a similar function during a conference or any other event. As I’ve mentioned before, try to interact with attendees on social media. In particular, when they have a question regarding the incident or encounter a problem during it.

You can also come up with a dedicated question hashtag, which is used every time a partner asks you a question. You need to clearly instruct your audience on how to use it and then you have to track all the hashtags. Nevertheless you must remember about the uniqueness rule – it must be inaccessible, so you will not confuse it with other questions.

Social stream

Another thing that guarantees high online engagement of attendees is the iMac, a social stream that can be established in basically every event. What exactly is a social current? It is a real-time online discussion about a specific topic, based on data from social media monitoring that can be projected on any screen.

Why is it so attractive to participants? People love the combination of online and offline activities and many of them will post content that includes your hashtag, only to see it on an offline screen. Such investment can reach social media once or twice.

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