What you can learn from Sony Playstation Social Media Monitoring

Prior to the time of ubiquitous access to the Internet, gamers obtained information from magazine articles or shared their experiences with other players offline. This was generally a one-way type of communication and interaction was very limited. The mode of communication changed profoundly after the social media revolution. People can now share their thoughts and … Read more

CMO Insights with Miko Levy – Content Marketing Strategy

The final “CMO Insights” article was filled with practical knowledge about content marketing distributed by Daniel Glickman. Today we offer you another dose of valuable information that will help you grow your online business. Our guest, Miko Levy is the Vice President of Customer Acquisition at Outbrain.  Trends in the online environment are constantly changing. … Read more

CMO Insights with Ian Clear from Razorsocial

Arbeiten mit Arbeitsblattregistern

In a previous review of the best online tools suggested by Brand24, we included Sotrender, Positionally, Intercom, UXpin, and Sidekick. Today we are going to present you another part of the best technologies that will boost your business. check them out! Surviveicate Survive is a tool that helps you gather information about your customers, their … Read more

All you should know about hashtags

Keeping online conversations in mind, we are able to notice that there is something that sets it apart from offline discussions. That thing is called a hashtag – it is a type of volume that classifies our data, posts and mentions and complements the plot of publications. Hashtags are used in social media, especially on … Read more