Expert advice on how to avoid social media crisis

Crisis is not a word that expresses positively and we will all probably give it a wide berth. However, it is better to keep in mind the fact that this can happen for every company and in advance, when it happens, devise a strategy to avoid it and counter it effectively. We have already covered a topic of social media crisis management, but this time we invited an expert in the field who would share his expertise.

Monicamonica Czaplicka has worked in the social media industry for 8 years dealing with crises in social media, ranging from WOM marketing to a variety of activities. He runs a fanpage called “Crisis in Social Media over the weekend” and a blog, where you can find lots of examples of social media. He also published a book about crises.

Prepare yourself (don’t get into social media crisis)

The main advice I give regarding the social media crisis is to prepare yourself and leave it. This means two things: preparedness and resistance.

The first applies to everything you do before anything happens: planning (what we should do when a crisis arises), shifting responsibility (which should react), producing post templates with apologies… The second is about not trying to end everything. In crisis. Using your brain works quite well, such as analyzing and monitoring the situation. See this example … and Pizza Portal

The two biggest meals for home delivery websites wanted to attract new customers. They designed a special code that reduced the order cost to 25 zł (about 8 $, which is the typical cost of the meal). Using the hashtags: #darmowejedzenie (#freefood) and #appetycznasobota (#appetizingsaturday) portals launched their campaigns. On the given day, Saturday,

interest appeared spectacular. As expected, the servers were not able to handle so many users and the restaurants were filled with orders – imagine bashing too many customers! Hungry people are usually more annoyed, therefore, the so-called, shitstorm was quite spectacular.

In the end, since Pysznie had a much worse problem – prolonged server absence, fewer orders – Pizza Portal created a new promotion for all those who hated its competition. Any person who writes a post on the given day saying that they have not received their order, they can get another 25 zł discount.

Beige Tituelu

So, can anyone stop this situation from happening? Thanks to the information on accessibility, not only was I able to know who, when, what and where I wrote about the promotion, but also how many posts were promoted by people around. This can be helpful in preparing servers and restaurants. Just a few clicks and the chances of a crisis are greatly reduced.


#Darmowejedzenie and are mentioned in social media. The promotion took place on 31st. Just around two days ago, around 100 people can be seen as hashtags interacting with the brand and / or “free food”.


Australian Airlines had a difficult time when one of the engines on their aircraft caught fire. One of the passengers tweeted about it. Word by word people are sure that the machine crashed. They found some photos of the wreck, with reporters starting to publish news about the devastation – clearly the situation was tense.

Of course the people holding the stock started selling their holdings – prices fell. This was the moment when Qantas felt that something was wrong. Why not fast? Because there was no plane crush. It was still in the air, flying to the emergency landing spot. The pictures were photoshopped and thousands of people were sure the plane was gone before someone from the company responded.


Monitoring of information about your brand is important to maintain consistency and overcome the social media crisis. People write stupid things every day, journalists are low and reliable and you are the one to protect your brand from that misinformation. Thanks to social media monitoring, we can react almost real-time. Well – before our share price fell.

employer branding

In the Internet you are 24 hours a day. Even as a worker – if you are knowledgeable about your employer. When you go to a party, kill someone and vomit – hoping you’re not a celebrity – you’re anonymous. You are connected to your workplace on Facebook and other social media. So it is very important to think before posting

As an employer you have to see what your coworkers are putting on their social media profiles. It can be really shocking that anyone can find what is publicly posted. Some people are never afraid to keep their name apart from some horrible stuff.

Domino’s most popular case was when two activists were posting “Dirty, Dirty Domino’s Pizza” on YouTube, a movie showing how they play with the food that goes on the pizza. It went viral. People were surprised.

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