All you should know about hashtags

Keeping online conversations in mind, we are able to notice that there is something that sets it apart from offline discussions. That thing is called a hashtag – it is a type of volume that classifies our data, posts and mentions and complements the plot of publications. Hashtags are used in social media, especially on … Read more

Social Media Strategy by Samsung Electronics

Do you want to know what’s behind Samsung’s social media success? Samsung Electronics Polska senior social media expert Bartek Sijmekko revealed some secrets about his strategies in digital media. Learn from the best! Are you focused on greater busyness or increased traffic? Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD MockUp 2 is the number behind our KPI, it … Read more

Marketers Guide to Using Snapchat for Business

Some believe that Snapchat is just another way of sharing photos or uninterrupted issues of cats and is only used by teenagers. is it true? Well, more and more brands and celebrities don’t necessarily run their profiles on Snapchat. What can they show to supervisors? Read some of the options we collected. Snapchat_Logo Last year … Read more

5 e-commerce tips based on recent mobile market trends

Mobile devices have changed the way consumers shop and are currently playing an important role in the purchasing process. We have already discussed how important it is to develop a user-friendly experience across all devices. The vast majority of users are likely to leave a website before purchasing if the loading time is too long, … Read more