The SoundBar 700’s sleek unmatched universal remote

The SoundBar 700’s sleek, unmatched universal remote is the only flat note in a heavy, rubbery brick stunning design. More on that later.

Although it is a soundbar, the Soundbar 700 is a wireless smart speaker. For example, the setup process is guided by the Bose Music app (free for iOS and Android). It’s tempting to assume that virtually everyone has a phone or tablet that can be used to run a music app, but if you have some, or don’t have a friend or relative plan to buy a Soundbar 700 , Then this may not be the correct option.

The soundbar just started. Their goal is to provide the best possible sound from a single speaker so that people can forget the hassles of wiring and enjoy their TV and music. While this is still true in the case of some soundbar models, the industry is rapidly changing to more speakers and less simplicity.

The Sound 800 Bose Soundbar 700 returns in some ways to the original soundbar concept, but has some modern features that hide beneath its sleek exterior.

Is this the right audio companion for your media room? let’s find out.

I think the soundbar should do its part to disappear from the scene. After all, if you want your TV room to be an attraction, then you need to invest in the biggest things that you can find.

Be realistic: Hiding the soundbar inside the wall is small – it beats both sound and simplicity – and you’re about to see it. So, if you need to see the soundbar from time to time, it should be Bose Soundbar 700.

The Soundbar 700, with its sleek stripes, perfectly smooth glass top and amazingly small and shallow stature, is one of the rare technologies that will enhance your decor rather than taking you away from it. Available in Black or White, you can choose whether it basically blends in with the background or makes a statement. Beauty, this is the very speaker.

At only 38.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches high, it is at least 50 inches narrow and small enough to fit any TV between the legs. If you want to wall-mount it, an optional (and very inexpensive) $ 40 bracket is available.

You will not find a single physical button anywhere in the Soundbar 700. The glass top has a single touch-sensitive area near the front left corner to mute the built-in mic, but I suggest using it sparingly – it is as beautiful as glass with a fingerprint magnet. The good thing is that Bose has a microfiber cleaning cloth.

However, as long as you have a convenient device, it is possible for the intuitive Bose app to install the speaker, which guides the process with easy-to-understand steps and very useful feedback.

Part of that setup is incorporating the Soundbar 700 into the sound of your room, using the included adaptive microphone and a wired plastic headband that you wear as a set of headphones. All you have to do is select your five favorite places to watch TV and the rest will be apps. It is not as elegant as the Sonos Trueplay system that uses microphones on iOS devices to achieve similar results, but has the advantage of being compatible with all smart devices.

You’ll be guided quickly through the process of connecting your home theater equipment to a universal remote and if you want to take advantage of the speaker’s voice control capabilities between Alexa and Google assistants, I highly recommend you.

The Soundbar 700 can be connected to your TV via HDMI ARC or optical cable. Since the speaker is limited to Dolby Digital and DTS audio signals, there is no benefit in choosing one over the other from a sound quality point of view. However, Universal Remote is more effective if you use HDMI ARC because it can send certain commands to devices connected via the CEC protocol (the way to provide commands via HDMI).

However, as long as you can control all your devices over infrared (IR), I think optical connection makes more sense. Why leave a valuable HDMI port on your TV – not to compensate for that loss, especially due to the HDMI input on the Soundbar 700?

Multiple dedicated ports for Ethernet (as a more robust alternative to Wi-Fi) and adaptive mic, wired bass module (subwoofer), optional IR repeater, and a “data” with HDMI ARC and optical ports behind the bar. What it does for us is not yet fully known).

Unfortunately, the port for subwoofer wiring is owned by Bose Port, so there is no way to use it with another company’s sub. The Stranger is still possible to connect a Bose wired subwoofer to the Soundbar 700, but the two subwoofers sold by Bose ($ 400 Boss Module 500 and $ 700 Boss Module 700) connect to the wireless soundbar.

Wi-Fi is your best bet for streaming music on the soundbar, but it also supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 streaming protocol and Bluetooth, which may be your best bet if you’re an Android user. We will discuss this a little more.

Speaking of Bluetooth, the Soundbar 700 has a nice feature: you can use it as a Bluetooth source for a set of wireless headphones for private listening using Bose’s Simple Sync technology. It works with any Bluetooth speaker, but if you use one of the Bose headphones it syncs better with the on-screen dialog. The volume of each Bluetooth device can be controlled independently. I tried this with a set of Bowers and Wilkins PX7 headphones and it worked flawlessly – it even turned off my Netflix videos when I pressed the play / pause button on the headphones.

Hidden behind the grill is a range of center midrange drivers and tweeters, providing a clear sound for most of what you hear. But on the sides of the bar are Tuck Bose’s phaseguide ranges. These cleverly shaped tunnels protrude towards the edges.

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