Top 30+ Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2019

Give yourself a chance to impress and inspire everyone and give opportunity to all those who get a chance to work in your magazine. A life-like presentation will be on point, with a woman reading a magazine. You can employ design to slide in an advertisement, an image, some text, you name it.

Thanks to the simplicity and effortless process, you can attach different images and creations for instant results. And if you want to change the color of the page, you can do the same with a click on the button. As simple as it sounds!

A woman in a coffee shop gets a chance to choose her magazine and flip through her amazing content.

This is the kind of environment that you can set up with this excellent magazine mockup template and finally make a difference. This particular option is ideal for those times when you will want to stick your front cover design of the magazine onto the template.

Just upload your image and see that the finger is in a picture. The template also gives you the opportunity to change the color of the front and back cover of the magazine for your convenience.

A magazine mockup gives you a life-like presentation of your designs,

texts, pictures and other WhatsApp. With this special template, you can insert your image on the inside page of a folding magazine. In addition, you can also change the background color and the color of the magazine.

Additionally, feel free to add some more text (you have many different fonts to choose from). In the shortest time, you can put your magazine work on display for everyone to see how the final product might look. Now is the right time for any additional improvements and improvements.

To bring the presentation of your magazine design to a whole new level,

use a mockup template that includes humans. This exclusive layout is perfect if you are creating a front or back cover for an upcoming issue. With the tool, you can show everyone what the result can look like.

In this way, your customer can share their opinions and suggestions with you, whether they want to change something or not. At this time, you have no trouble modifying and improving the design to avoid any inconvenience after the magazine is sent back to you from the print shop.

Flipping through magazine mockup pages features a man

When you have someone going through your magazine, you can easily increase publicity and get more people intrigued. You can use this magazine for all kinds of different intentions. While it works great to see how a particular page (read ads) will appear in a magazine, you can also use it for social media promotion.

What can they expect from the forthcoming issue of the magazine, give your customers a quick sneak peek. You already know about it; Just upload your image, possibly change the color of the page and also add some extra text if necessary.

With thousands of likes and many thousands of downloads from the Behance community,

A4 PSD magazine Mockup Jan-Alfred Barclay is the standard for which magazine mockups should be made with the utmost care and efficiency. This is a PSD download that has many page concepts.

It has a carefully layered structure that allows you to copy and paste designs directly onto new pages. Each template has a layer structure that enables photorealistic end results for all your page designs. You can add images to pages, or create stunning feature pages for important stories and editorial content.

Thousands of likes do, but sounds great, but Alexandre Cardasso has more.

His 4K magazine template has thousands of likes, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. the end result of the magazine style. Alexandre has naked her with this mockup, which he is giving to the community for free.

All three templates use smart objects that enable anyone to quickly customize the template to their needs at any time. You will enjoy using this magazine for projects where the position and design of the text is of extreme importance.


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