What you can learn from Sony Playstation Social Media Monitoring

Prior to the time of ubiquitous access to the Internet, gamers obtained information from magazine articles or shared their experiences with other players offline. This was generally a one-way type of communication and interaction was very limited.

The mode of communication changed profoundly after the social media revolution. People can now share their thoughts and experiences in real time and interact with their friends, the people they love and their favorite companies. This gives brands ample opportunities to make a name for themselves and gain loyal clients.

Twitter created a hospitable space for the gaming community where people can boast about their achievements and advise others on their problems or questions in different fields. The 140-character limit is perfect for such messages. Consistency and perspectives encourage gamers to actively create content on Twitter.

Conversation in the first place

Marketing experts and managers often use social media monitoring to prevent crises in real-time. It is important to track negative comments about a brand as soon as possible to avoid a loss in brand reputation. However, social media also has a bright side. Internet users not only complain about everything that surrounds them,

but also express their positive attitude and share experiences in general. Canny experts should take advantage of this and always interact with fans, when they talk about a brand in every context.

PlayStation on Twitter

PlayStation Poland saw a huge potential in Twitter, a hospitable space for a gaming community and a powerful communication channel. Together with the social relations agency, the Conceptica brand took on the challenge of increasing engagement of its fans on stage using 140-character messages. With a consistency and point of view he encouraged gamers to interact with the brand.

Discussion tracking

PlayStation developed its approach in conjunction with Conceptica to manage social media discussion. It is based on an effective, accurate and fast social media monitoring tool that helps in finding the discussion in real time and answering it as soon as possible.

It seems that the world of PlayStation is very wide.

Thus it is necessary to find the appropriate keyword configuration and matched context in Internet discussion. What’s more, the 140-character message emphasizes accuracy and concept. There is no place for fault, lack of accuracy, nor backlash. The message must be at the right time, the right place and the right context. In addition, positive mentions create considerable potential for users to increase this positive attitude by appropriate interaction.

PlayStation Areas for Participation

Decision to support – PlayStation always reacts when gamers post about their intention to buy a game or game console and help decide. Picture3
Support sales – When a gamer is hesitant about which brand to choose, PlayStation is always there to dispel their doubts.

Express An Concern – Enhance relationship with PlayStation fans by expressing concern about the problems of gamers. Picture2
ACCOMPANY ON GAME – PlayStation always reacts to gamers’ posts about playing PS. Thus, gamers voluntarily share the screen and footage printed during the game with the # PS4Share hashtag.

5 pillows from playstation social media monitoring

List for your customers. The first and most important thing is to listen to your customers. You should be present where your customers are and listen to their needs, complaints, opinions, reviews and perspectives.

Interaction with FANS. No matter what context people write about your brand, if you can relate to a message and react properly, you will always have an advantage.

Focus on a customer where your customers are most active. You can divide your operation into separate channels in digital media, but focus on one or a few that best suits your company’s profile and the needs of your customers.

create value.

Do not forget that valuable and engaging content brings good mediocre results. People interact with materials that appeal to them and are important to them.
What not The sooner you can react to comments about your brand, the better results you can get.

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